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I often find that children have much more potential than we realize. All we have to do is help them realize that potential is already in them. And it puts them on the right track. We need to be willing to speak their language, and convey our thoughts to them, which can be abstract or philosophical but precise and palpable.

In my opinion, a child's first encounter with music should be such that it awakens and stimulates his fantasy, his affective world, his dreams and perhaps even his ambition. The musical experience should begin with a very intense emotion (…). Above all, something must be kindled that is so inextinguishable, so alive, and so little tangible that, through it, something begins to move toward a lofty, almost unattainable goal.

Europe must teach a lesson in civilization by eradicating racist violence suffered by ethnic minorities.

All people are artists.

There can be no authentic art that conforms to hunger, racism, bombs and torture.

Music and the arts invite participation and constitute an antidote to obstacles to harmony among men. Making music is not only playing or singing, it is also listening. By learning from an early age to listen to the other, the child discovers what tolerance is.

The sooner we begin to recognize and understand, the more questions are raised and the further we move away from certainty.

Flamenco is the most moving, tragic and heartbreaking music I know.

Teaching is not filling with things, an empty bag. The sack is never empty. He already has his own life. And teaching consists of sharing what one knows to allow the one who wears the coat to experience life in a richer, more diverse and more civilized way.

We do not own our body, our life, our children, our country, the air, the water, the earth,…, we are just its privileged executors.

Let's start with what is in the domain of our immediate possibilities (…), let's advocate for the principles of coexistence, for sincerity and mutual respect (they are the same everywhere) and for the courage to defend them.

Reconciling the world is too ambitious, but at least children can be trained to be respectful towards differences, which are the only thing that allows us to learn: If we were all the same, we could not offer each other anything. That is why we should not fear ourselves, being afraid makes us enemies. We must be driven by the need to realize our dreams, which is the reason for life. We should not be governed by fear of fulfilling our nightmares.

As a musician still alive, I am against canned music. Naturally, not against the musical impressions that people want to hear, but against the stored music that is imposed because someone is convinced that by this means individuals can be converted into more docile, better users, calmer citizens, easier to handle.

We thought that we could build a balanced world with false substitutes and imitations, incapable of simultaneously fulfilling the beings that we are, our societies and our future. And no longer substitutes but substitutes for truths. We quench our thirst with artificial drinks. Our emotions and our thoughts lack song, music, and cultured passion. They lack a heart.

A society is lost when singing and dancing are discarded from the school curriculum, because doing this deprives the members of the basic elements for the mental and moral growth of children. We must definitely return to the natural, continuous and cumulative process which characterizes the natural growth of beings.

You know that you can trust me, as I can trust you, because we are friends and we are generally motivated by the common good, not only by what is alive, but by what is to be born.

I dream of the transformation of borders, until they become invisible. So, instead of steel walls, we would create areas of mutual encounter between the various populations.

There is nothing without family and without people.

Racism does not exist in a music class. The children play together.

The more we begin to recognize and understand, the more questions are raised and the further we move away from certainty.

I am still in debt to life and I embrace it with great humility and with all my gratitude.

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