Art on Stage

Entertain or educate by entertaining

The Program was born backed by 15 years of experience, during which we have learned with everyone and everyone and everyone: in schools, teachers, students and artists MUS-E and has been concretized in an approach of art to the school and a proposal that tries to spread quality artistic shows in the educational field, at the same time bringing new audiences closer to the world of Art and Culture.

That the school goes to the Theater and that the Theater comes to the school is an inescapable responsibility of the Institutions, but it is also our task, it is a personal commitment acquired with the schools that we have to promote from here. Connecting students with art as a nutrient for cultural life cannot be delayed.

Art is more than leisure, free time or recreation, Art is awareness and commitment to reality. The magic that it houses inside is a huge mirror capable of analyzing and working in situations of conflict or selfishness, something as simple as reflecting on the other will lead them to grow and develop as people trained in values.

Children and adolescents are unaware that art is their right to culture, they will never know how to value and protect it if we do not educate them for it. It is here where the school can act as a guarantee of equity and a cultural reference.

“El arte de la creación reside el don de percibir lo particular, de generalizarlo y de crear, en consecuencia, de nuevo lo particular. Es pues un potente transformador, así como un generador de soluciones creativas con respecto a un problema dado. Es la moneda de intercambios humanos: aquella que permite compartir los estados del alma y de la conciencia, de descubrir los campos nuevos de experiencia”


  • Disseminate the objectives of the Foundation and the Master’s message through artistic shows, as a space for bringing Art closer to an unaccustomed public.
  • Involve students in a participatory experience of expression.
  • Provide imagination and creativity as the first resource to solve problems.
  • Develop the aesthetic sense and the evaluative judgment.
  • Promote curiosity, from creation, towards the heritage of all cultures.
  • Share experiences and integrate approaches from different subjects.
  • Bringing Art closer to new audiences and exercising their right to culture.
  • Develop people who integrate the intellectual, the emotional and the action in contact with artistic references.

Gandarias Legacy

A specific team has recently been created within Arte Scene for social transformation. It is linked to the Gandarias Legacy.

  • Sofía Gandarías Official Website.

It aims to bring the less accustomed public closer to the pictorial space of creation through the Work of Sofia Gandarias and her particular vision of Art. A point of view linked to the vision of Yehudi Menuhin.

Like every artist when creating and displaying her work, Sofia Gandarias reflected in her work a very personal and intimate part of herself, a way of looking, which in her case is synonymous with feeling.


Sofía, patron of the Yehudi Menuhin Spain Foundation, was a witness of her time. A critical witness, who gave voice through his brushes, just like his great friend Yehudi Menuhin did with the violin. From the Foundation we share her work with Sofia and we collaborate in some of her exhibitions, seeking to bring children and young people closer to art at school who hardly have access to culture. We do it through the MUS-E Program, created by Yehudi Menuhin.

All the looks reflected in her paintings were her, a deep look, curious of encounter, just as she combined music, literature and painting in her life and in her work, which in the end, as she herself told us, ended up “possessing her”. Sofía, from her canvases, opened us to other looks with commitment.

And we share exhibitions with her at the Foundation such as:

  • ‘Primo Levi- La Memoria’. In Sevilla and in the “Museo del Ferrocarril” of Madrid.
  • ‘El Llanto de las Flores’, at the Cultural Center of “El Pozo”.
  • ‘11 septiembre N.Y’ serie, which put the children of MUS-E in contact with the Bandanna Network.
  • ‘Kafka, el visionario’, Bergen Belsen Field.
  • ‘El coloquio de los perros’. Toledo and Centro Sefarad (Madrid).
  • ‘Mujeres’, exhibition hall Faculty of Fine Arts of the Complutense University Madrid.
  • ‘Gernika,’ in the MUS-E centers of the Community of Madrid
  • ‘Gandhara’, in Badajoz. Deputation of Badajoz.

Gandarias Legacy Videos